Leng Phirom学長・猪塚武理事長からのメッセージ

Dr. Leng Phirom学長


As a newly-established higher education institution, KIT has prided itself
in providing an education that emphasizes innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and life-long learning skills Central to our curriculum is the project-based learning and students’ internship at virtual companies during their studies, enabling them to connect in-class learning with practical experience With these core attributes, KIT has disrupted the traditional education model that has become increasingly outdated, within the context of Industry 40

KIT’s residential college model allows students to grow professionally and personally, through their interactions with peers, lecturers and staff on campus, both inside and outside the classroom This is relatively unique in Cambodia Through a range of our sponsorship programs, our graduates have the opportunity to live and work abroad after successful completion of their four-year studies

To mention few of KIT’s achievements, both Batch 1 and Batch 2 students are 100% placed and working in both Japanese and Cambodian Companies On an average, our students have a proven record of winning 4 to 5 competitions/ Hackathon/ Business Pitch every year

KIT has been at the forefront of adopting technology in teaching and learning, and thus become resilient in operating online courses, amidst the outbreak of COVID19 I encourage you to visit our beautiful campus and learn more about opportunities available to you at KIT, including our trendy online courses 

キリロム工科大学理事長 猪塚武

猪塚武 理事長(設立者)


私はキリロム工科大学の理事長に加えて、運営法人であるA2A Town (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.の社長を兼務しています。運営法人内に強いIT部門を作り、同一法人内の密接な産学連携を推進することによりキリロム工科大学の長期的な競争力の維持に努めます。